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29 Mar

Generation Y Bother

28 Mar

Rob considers originality, human nature and how fucked we all are. Happy Monday!

Rob Kneebone

This Generation (Y) -of which I am part of- is probably the most fucked generation ever. Why are we so fucked? Is it our own fault? Our parent’s?  The government’s? Society’s? Continue reading

Ladytron. Best of 00-10 Review

28 Mar

Looking for lonely disco? Or perhaps fizz-bang pop? Paul gives us his review of Ladytron’s compilation album, Best of 00-10.

Paul Forster

Who are Ladytron? Perennial underdogs constantly plagued by label problems. Relics from the flash-in-a-pan of electroclash. Moody neo-Nazis with some kind of eastern bloc agenda. Continue reading


25 Mar

Having just read this story on the fantastic Hairpin, I thought this needed a share

I went to see this show with a friend last (maybe last last) year and we decided that we HAD to become friends with Simon Amstell. Two bad things came out of going to see him though : 1) We felt old when no-one else around us laughed at his skit about MSCL and 2) we nearly booked tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars some time afterwards.

That would have been terrible.

Mad Men. We all get the point

24 Mar

Ellie Hutchinson

Being the kind of gal who keeps her finger on the pulse of pop culture, I recently watched series one of Mad Men. I know, I’m totally zeitgeisty. Here are my top four thoughts on it: Continue reading

Important non-budget/war related British news

24 Mar

Did you know Blue are our official Eurovision entry?

This was my favourite last year

Beograd! Beograd!

If you don’t know much about Eurovision, don’t worry you have 51 days to find out more.

budget day

24 Mar

The Budget was yesterday, and it was.. well it was what it was.

To read actual news and debate about it, the Guardian have a whole load of articles about how inherently sexist, classist and middle englandy it was.
Quelle suprise Gideon.

Channel 4 news has blog about the day in the house and almost makes me feel sorry for Nick Clegg (FYI: he’s jealous of Dave’s real BFF)

The BBC has a pocket sized round up (who knew private jet users didn’t have to pay passenger duty?)

To read pretend news, News Thump writes; Millionaire to pretend like £45 a year is life changing. Read more at NewsThump


24 Mar

there’s more than all this fuckin’ brilliant stuff…

and discuss!

21 Mar

So office of the future, I see you’re still run by white men. natch.


20 Mar

Slightly late to the party, but party down is amazing. The end.