Feminist +1

4 Mar

Feminist + 1

Being pregnant is weird. I’m still not very pregnant. Well I am pregnant but I just don’t look very pregnant yet – I only have a small bump that looks more like I have been indulging in too many pies.

Before you get pregnant no one tells you about all the weird things that happen to your body when you are growing a baby. I have been pretty lucky and not too many weird things have happened so far…but I hear I have a whole lot of fun to come.

Highlights will include hair falling out (WTF!!), a pregnancy ‘mask’ (NB: this is not a cool superhero mask but a weird skin pigment thing) and leaking boobs…will leave it there as I don’t want to scare people away. My worst pregnancy things have been kind of comical rather than scary…. like sobbing uncontrollably at bizzaro things like Johnny Cash’s version of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ and an embarrassing episode of fainting and falling into / on to a radiator at my first pregnancy yoga class because I had to put my arm above my head. No need to worry no damage done just left with a GIANT ass bruise…lovely!

Apart from all the weird and wonderful things that happen to your body are the things that happen to your identity. I consider myself a feminist (in case the title didn’t give it away) and having a baby is making me think about this more. It’s weird to have people unsubtly survey your belly every time they see you. I get that they are excited but it makes me feel a bit exposed when I see their eyes move down my body to see how big my belly is and it totally confirms that my body is not my own anymore. I also find myself getting pissed off about things that lots of other people who have children are pissed off about. Like having to buy either pink or blue clothes for a newborn baby – why are we obsessed with enforcing gender stereotypes on babies? My latest bugbear is childcare, well more specifically the cost of childcare. Just throwing this out there but could the gender pay gap have something to do with the £700 monthly fees for a full time nursery place?

Anyway welcome to my blog…I hope you enjoyed it…come back again and hear more about my adventures through pregnancy.


2 Responses to “Feminist +1”

  1. kit10phish March 4, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    Good points about the tie between pregnancy and feminism! I HATE how everything is gendered from a young age: Names, colors, clothes, games, school supplies. . . And speaking of childcare expenses, 1 jar of baby food is $1.09!!! What IS that?

  2. rob Kneebone March 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

    brilliant piece 🙂

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