My sister the rock star

4 Mar

Emma Fraser

So she isn’t actually a rock star but she might as well be considering that tomorrow she will be participating in her fourth Ironman. What is an Ironman I hear you cry? Well it’s not a re-enactment of scenes from the comic book series or movie of the same name, but is a series of long distance triathlon that tests your physical endurance to the extreme. Put simply you have to complete the following distances:

-swim 2.4 miles
-cycle 112 miles
-run 26.2 miles

Not only that but you have to do all this in 17 hours or under, yep it’s that hard.
Like I said, my sister Alison King will be participating in her fourth Ironman in Taupo, New Zealand tomorrow and she too believes that she is mad for having entered this competition four times. What is extraordinary about her achievements is that she was never particularly sporty when we were younger saying “for someone who always got out of school sports day and was always last to be picked for netball, triathlon has changed my life.”

What I find most inspirational about Alison and all that she has accomplished since moving to New Zealand is that even if you weren’t particularly good at something when you were younger it really is never too late to start something new and demanding like this (perhaps a cliché but very true). I’m not saying that we all need to attempt something as brilliantly extreme as an Ironman but that within us we all have something that we want to do, but might be lacking in the confidence to do so. This shows that sometimes all we need is the right environment and encouragement to achieve our own Ironman.
So tomorrow I will be thinking of my sister and not just because she is doing something this crazy but because she really is a true inspiration.
If that wasn’t enough she is also raising money for the Red Cross to donate to the relief effort in the earthquake devastated area in Christchurch. If you would like to help then you can donate here:


One Response to “My sister the rock star”

  1. Alison March 6, 2011 at 7:26 am #

    Love you too Emma! Legs are a bit sore today, can’t get off the couch too easily and I’ve got horrible chafing but it was worth it for that feeling as I entered the finish chute.

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