Thought for the day

5 Mar

The Selfish Species.

 Rob Kneebone

I abhor this country’s Administration. Their only interest is to thieve from the poor to feed the rich, suppress creativity and the arts and mould people in to bland, nine to five robots.

 I loved this country (or at least I loved Cornwall)-despite its many depressing attributes-but I am beginning to wish I was never born here. To be so powerless against such a draconian and oppressive force is depressing and demoralising. How are normal (hard-working) people supposed to survive financially if they are penalised the more they work (tax) and have to pay for ever inflating bills/costs, when wages stay at a flat rate?! They increase VAT to “help pay off” the billions of debt this country (or should I say the Government) has amassed during years of lending and spending on illegal wars and flamboyant office parties for politicians and public sector workers, which in essence will only make the average person more out of pocket and less able to afford to buy any VAT products.

 So, are these tax hikes actually going to work? Not when the UK alone owes over £900billion. They make millions redundant from the public sector-to save money- but these people will most likely then wind up on benefits-which will then mean they will be draining the public purse-which has no money in it left-even further than before. Are the government blind or just plain stupid? I’m not the most intelligent guy on this planet by any stretch of the imagination but I can see that the off-sets just don’t work.

 £3million a day is what they spent on the (illegal) Iraq war, and much the same is continuing to be spent on the Afghanistan “war on terrorism”. Three million pounds a day.  That equates to £7.6 billion for the Iraq war alone. And the rest? Well, that got spent on bonuses for the banking chiefs, decades of wasteful public sector spending and poor control of national budgets.

Some facts about the UK’s current mammoth debt:

We owe £37,117 for every man, woman and child-that’s more than £80,551 for every person in employment.

Every household will pay £1,882 this year, just to cover the interest.

So, as we all struggle to afford the ever-inflating petrol prices, utility bills, food prices, etc…our wages stay the same, so we-as individuals-see our bank balances head further into the red, having less to spend on essentials, meaning before too long the poverty line will fill up with more and more people and we won’t even be able to afford to drive to work. Net result, everyone on a low income winds up on benefits, those who were just about “breaking even” can no longer afford to pay for their mortgages and thus lose their houses, and the country, gets further in debt. Meanwhile, the rich get richer.

 What a nasty, materialistic and depressing world human beings (or those who run the governments and care little for people as individuals) have made for themselves. Humans are-in their inherent nature-selfish, resource-hungry animals (or at least that is what we, as a whole, in modern societies have become) who ignore the warnings being bellowed by a foresight most of us are blind to, and as a consequence we take more and more from the land, give less and less back, out populate all species on the planet and end up with more mouths to feed than planet earth can provide for.

 Money is not only the root of most evil, it will see through the destruction of planet earth and all life. How profound an effect a piece of paper can have on life itself. And how ironic that the giver of the paper (the tree-the lungs of the world which make all life as we know it possible)-to which this supposed value (£) has been attached-is the thing that will end up being that which suffocates us all.


2 Responses to “Thought for the day”

  1. Nick Kneebone March 5, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    Just a quick comment, where did you get this idea about “flamboyant parties for public sector workers”. I used to be in the public sector and I don’t remember any ! We had to pay for our Christmas meals- no freebies from the public purse !

    • rob Kneebone March 6, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

      When I worked for the council, we had many-each one cost about £3000! I think the council are renowned for it. You worked for a different arm of the government..

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