Looking for the ladies. An experiment.

8 Mar

You’ve probably heard about the Bechdel test right? If not, have a butcher’s at this

So this test is pretty much amazing. It’s really powerful in unmasking the systematic invisibility of women in mainstream films and, as pointed out, it’s not a marker of a ‘good’ film, it’s more of a tool. As a tool it works extremely well, and let me tell you this for nowt (I’m rocking the regions linguistically today) it certainly has come in handy when talking about how misogynist Hollywood is, and like any good feminist tool, once you’ve been unplugged, there’s no going back. Unless you’re cypher but then he dies, so…

Anyway, being interested in equality and feminism, I like to use the Bechdel test on other things; politics, music, writing, broadcasting, whatevs your entertainment persuasion, you’ll probably find two women or fewer not talking. Unless you’re watching the soaps, in which case, they’re surprisingly high on the equal opps radar (low culture 1, high culture 0).

Being constantly aware of this, yet feeling incredibly powerless to do anything about it is just not ok ,so for the good of the site, I’ve decided to conduct an experiment to see if current affairs programmes can pass a modified version of the Bechdel test. In true pseudo-science fashion, I’ve decided to call it; “Looking for the ladies. Bechdelling current affairs”
Here’s how it will work:
Are there:
1) Two or more women
2) Are they asked to comment on issues other than ‘the wimmins’
3) In more than one segment?

Under the Bechdel-scope are; 10 o’clock live, Newsnight, Newsnight Scotland, Channel 4, ITV and BBC news. For the next wee while I’ll be watching these bad boys and will get back to you with the results.

Current affairs shows- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


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