Generation Y Bother

28 Mar

Rob considers originality, human nature and how fucked we all are. Happy Monday!

Rob Kneebone

This Generation (Y) -of which I am part of- is probably the most fucked generation ever. Why are we so fucked? Is it our own fault? Our parent’s?  The government’s? Society’s?

It can’t be pinned down to one thing, and is most likely the consequence of all four, if not more. Above all, there are simply too many Humans popping out and covering the surface of the earth-resulting in a strain on resources, education establishments, health care facilities and saturating the job market amongst countless other things. Should birth control be the norm? Should we all be limited to two children? Is that immoral, a denial of our procreational right? I love babies, I love existence and I think everyone should appreciate just how lucky they are, for some never get the chance. However, “we” (as a species) are nearing saturation point, and, despite belonging to a generation that has more options and choices available to them than any other generation before, this generation is  ironically somewhat rather restricted by such limitless choice. With so many possibilities before us, what do we do?

That big life question is a huge decision/dilemma facing each and every one of us.

We all want to make something of ourselves, to leave some sort of mark on life, to “become something”, to be successful/happy/content, or whatever we deem as important to us, but what? Why do we deem that as so important? Is our existence in the first place not enough? Why do we always want more? Why do we always want to see what is on the other side of the fence? Why do we always seem to think the grass is greener elsewhere?

I belong to (probably) the most dissatisfied, discontented, most anxious and disheartened generation ever. But surely we can’t all be explained by a cultural movement? We can’t all be pinned to the proverbial generation board. Or can we? No-one seems to know where they are going in life (or why) any more. After all, everything in this life is finite. Are we ‘generation cynical’, or are we just the realist generation…the ones who have seen the mistakes all too often made by generations before, and seen the hypocrisy and contradiction of the human will from those who taught us the world we see before us.

The problem we have is that everything has been done before, every mistake has already been made before and every solution has been offered and failed in its attempt to rectify what is essentially an unfixable problem: that humans are self-sabotaging, repetitive creatures by nature. Nothing is original any more, nothing is intriguing (apart from the meaning of life-and we’ll never work that one out); nothing is revolutionary any more, nothing is new. All we can do is recycle the past and produce a shoddy reclamation of a bygone time and place; all the chords and notes have been played a million times before.

I don’t like to be defined by a cultural movement or by anything really, but I think it is unavoidable because everything I say or do is going to be placed in some definable box, because it is impossible to be original, and even if I was, that itself would be a definable trend. The only thing we can do is to be true to ourselves, be kind and respectful to each other and nature, help one another whenever need be, and do what we feel is important to us. After all, our lives are a mere blink of an eye in the time line of existence. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter does it…?

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