The broken leg diaries. Lovely.

17 Apr

Ellie Hutchinson

This week I shall mostly be bipedal. Very exciting. After two months of hobbling about I have learnt some vital things

1)      When you break your leg, it gets very annoying very quickly

2)      When you’ve stopped being annoyed, it’s actually not too bad

3)      Itunes should bar you from buying music if you’re stuck indoors all day

4)      My music collection is much improved

5)      The BBC provide free language courses. Tres bon!

6)      Day time TV is the 7th circle of hell. FACT

7)      Mad men isn’t that good

8)      Painkillers are ace

9)      Books such as One Day, Queen Victoria Demon Hunter and I Saw You are ruddy marvellous

10)   TOWIE is addictive as sin. The shame.

After two months of being moody, not shaving one leg and developing a pot belly I am finally going to be brace free. Yip-freaking-ey. However, there are a couple of down sides; going to work for 9am (totally inhumane), not eating cake every day (as above), and not being able to skip down the street as soon as I leave the hospital are just some of the things I shall have to get used to.

In a weird way having a reason to hibernate has been pretty liberating. Catching up with friends, listening to music and reading books has been really rather lovely, it’s almost as if I’ve had an extended holiday with the added bonus of prescription drugs (note to self, don’t order food online whilst on tramadol. Man alive, three bags of carrots and a bottle of cava? Wow.)

But the best thing I’ve learnt from this whole debacle is that friends are ace and my boy manfriend is just lovely. Collectively, they’ve made me tea, brought me cake, sent me books, films and LOL emails and best of all, they’ve come round for a good ol’ blether. So thanks chums for making this a weirdly lovely experience.


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