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Great debates. Table for One

27 May

Jacq and Ellie take on eating alone. Lady style.(NB: not a euphemism)

Jacq Kelly

 Candlelight is best enjoyed alone – sometimes maybe with a book for company, and pretty much always with a nice glass of wine and a tasty plate of nosh. Apart from anything, a candle in the middle of the table can often seem to be burning a hole in the face of your dining partner. That’s some sinister shit.

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Hyperbolic crochet – mathematics, “feminine” crafts and the shape of the universe

27 May

Marguerite le Riche

Guest blogger

 There are probably not many projects that can claim to combine art and handicraft, mathematics, marine biology, environmental activism and drive home a feminist point or two at the same time. The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef art installation by sisters Christine and Margaret Wertheim – inspired by the work of mathematician Daina Taimina – does exactly that and more.

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26 May

It’s a power nap on the go.

They recommend it for work, but  it would clearly work as leisure wear. Or train wear. Or park bench wear. Between that and my slanket I’d be set.

Via the daily what

Following your dreams

26 May

Matt Webb

The scene: my girlfriend and I, in bed, on a Sunday evening.

Me: Hmmmm…

Girlfriend: Hmmmm…?

Me: You know, I really think I’d like to go and hibernate in a cave somewhere for about 6 months. Continue reading

In defence of.. the gay scene

26 May

Jacq Kelly

I’m promiscuous. Well, I mean, sometimes I write for other blogs. I wrote recently about my experience of ‘coming out’ including a paragraph about the importance of the gay scene. It prompted comment from the editor -she was glad I’d mentioned it as few of her bloggers do.

The gay scene gets its share of scorn – sometimes rightly so. It can seem, at times, to centre around lining bar tills with your hard-earned notes. But it’s not all just test-tube shots and glitter balls. It’s actually really important. Society organises itself in a really weird way. There are things for girls and things for boys; things for singles and things for couples. Most of all, there are things for heterosexuals. Continue reading


23 May

I went to see Attack the Block last night. It was bare.. erm.. amazing? It was ace. Go see it!

MANTRA. Part three

20 May

Ellie Hutchinson

“I know we’ve got them Alex, but this case has to be watertight” Yawned Lucia.

“I get that, but it’s time to go home, it’s 10pm”. Alex could never get used to the nocturnal ways of his boss, in his mind, Friday night was not made for double and triple checking testimonies.

“You’re right” she sighed, stretching cat like in her chair “Now, get out of here and I’ll see you Monday”.

Smiling, Alex picked up his coat and made to leave.

“Oh, before I go, as always, it’s been great watching you in action”.

“No bonuses till Christmas!” Lucia laughed. Continue reading

The World of Advertising. Part two

20 May

Matt Webb


Water is water. We don’t need to over think this. It’s hot outside and you need something to cool down. A nice glass of cold water will do the trick. Your pee has turned a violent shade of orange and your head is pounding. Again, a nice glass of water or two will sort you right out there.

However, Drench (and let’s face it, every mineral water that is advertised on television) would have us imagine that there’s more to it than that. In the latest adverts from this company we are asked to suspend disbelief and imagine that there are a bunch of crazy scientists somewhere who are trying to work out how to best keep people hydrated by dropping gallons of water on them from a plane, and so forth. Continue reading


19 May

Do you ever head over to TED? You should. It’s pretty much amazing.

Victor Frankl talks about why we should think the best in people.

(As a side note, Youtube suggestions are telling me I might like to watch videos from Jung, Einstein or the X factor. How well you know me youtube.. how well you know me)

The Tories. What a bunch of cats.

18 May

This week the Tories have surpassed themselves in pure fuckwittery.

Firstly, Nadine Dorries claimed on Vanessa that ” if a stronger just say no message was given to children in school that there might be an impact on sex abuse. Because a lot of girls, when sex abuse takes place, don’t realise until later that that was a wrong thing to do.”  This is also the woman who promotes abstinence only sex ed. But only for girls of course. Duh! What did you think? That boy’s sexuality should be restricted too? 

Secondly. We’re having that conversation again. You know the one where an MP says that there’s a difference between date rape and ‘real’ rape. You remember that? Yeah, we’re doing that one again. 


There are only three ways to respond to this ongoing fuckwit attack:

1)       Write to your MP/ find a feminist group near you

2)       Watch this

3)       Buy this T-shirt to cheer yourself up (see, consumerism DOES solve everything!)

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