Eye for An Eye

3 May

Rob Kneebone

On the murder of Bin Laden…

Despite the fact he was an evil man, I am still unconvinced that punishment-by-death was the right way to go; instead, putting him in front of a global audience, forced to explain his atrocities to his victims’ families, would, perhaps, be a suitable start. And let’s not forget the American government were the ones who funded Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the first place and it was the CIA who trained its militants. The American and British government’s ideology of revenge is not a healthy way to make progress on the peace front. Osama’s death will result only in more revenge attacks on the US and the rest of the world and see many more innocent civilians meet an early grave.

I haven’t had someone I care about murdered by this man, so I will reserve all my judgement, and I can certainly sypathise with the cheers of those families who lost someone they cared about as a result of Bin Laden. Tricky one. I think we all need to question-as a species-why once innocent children (as Osama once was) turn to evil and commit heinous crimes against others as adults. Is it indoctrination by elders? By fundamentalist scriptures? By disgust for historical crimes against one’s peoples? Or is evil born from within? When you consider how very insignificant this planet we all inhabit is (in terms of the expanse of the universe(s)), it makes not only us as humans extremely insignificant but our grudges and grimes with one another a pathetic and pointless waste of time.

The only significance we can gain from the insignificance is to learn to love one another and unite together and make this tiny world a better place to inhabit and live our short lives in harmony. Religion has an awful lot to answer for and a lot of blood on its pages. The path to peace can only exist when violence stops on both sides. Reacting with violence only fuels the fire. It is all a consequence of our species massive ego.

If we all just lived in the now, war and violence would not exist. All wars that ever were and ever will be are based on one’s or a nation’s desire to take control or be better than their counterparts.Wars are based on desires for the future, rather than present realities. Give peace a chance. Life is too short.


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