The Tories. What a bunch of cats.

18 May

This week the Tories have surpassed themselves in pure fuckwittery.

Firstly, Nadine Dorries claimed on Vanessa that ” if a stronger just say no message was given to children in school that there might be an impact on sex abuse. Because a lot of girls, when sex abuse takes place, don’t realise until later that that was a wrong thing to do.”  This is also the woman who promotes abstinence only sex ed. But only for girls of course. Duh! What did you think? That boy’s sexuality should be restricted too? 

Secondly. We’re having that conversation again. You know the one where an MP says that there’s a difference between date rape and ‘real’ rape. You remember that? Yeah, we’re doing that one again. 


There are only three ways to respond to this ongoing fuckwit attack:

1)       Write to your MP/ find a feminist group near you

2)       Watch this

3)       Buy this T-shirt to cheer yourself up (see, consumerism DOES solve everything!)

Pan flute


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