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Band names

31 Jul

Ellie Hutchinson

Jacq commented today that I look like someone’s fun aunty in this picture which is, I think, an amazing name for a band.  Juliette Lewis and Ellen Page would be in a film about Fun Aunty. And they would be awesome.  So I’ve spent today thinking about made up band names. This is a fun game that you yourself have probably partaken in (I’m a touch hungover so words original concepts are out of the question, but come on you guys! It’s fun!).

Lots has been written about band names and their origins, whether they’ve come about through literary appreciation or through a tenuous link to penises, ejaculation, or erections (seriously, dudes. We get it. You have cocks. They do stuff). But did you know that Nickleback came from getting a “nickle-back”?  Or that 10cc is volume related? Nice.

Clearly, band names are everywhere, but if you’re  struggling to come up with a good name, here are some websites that can help you out.

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31 Jul

So we went dancing in The Street last night. Despite it not being this video,

we still had fun times. Here we are having fun times.

(it’s woth noting, that music video isn’t a piss take)

Things I don’t want to see at the festival

29 Jul

I have been to that theatre and seen that show.

Embracing Edinburgh

29 Jul

Jacq Kelly

It’s the done thing to scorn Edinburgh in the festival season. Actually it’s less about Edinburgh and more about the apparent doubling in size of the Scottish population, which happens within the walls of one relatively small city and the Oxbridge types trying to stuff their leaflets in our pants.

Well we aren’t doing that this year – or at least not to the usual extent. This year we’re throwing open our arms and embracing it as much as we can possibly bear, and will be bringing you a series of reviews, reports from the frontline and interviews with writers, comedians, commentators, and anyone famous that we happen to corner in bars, restaurants or the disco chip shop.

Visit us throughout August for more – and do let us know if there’s anything you think we should be present at with our notebooks, Dictaphones, cameras…..



29 Jul

“This video is a creation for all those that love Olivia’s music, Dolphins and Dance Re-mixes of today”

I don’t know why but that cracks me up.

Next make ground breaking scientific discovery

29 Jul

Lucy Jackson

If you fancy being patronised today, check out the Next website and their ‘Hoxton Girl’ Fashion Inspiration

Firstly, I think we can all agree that being mistaken for someone from Hoxton is largely uncomplimentary thanks to the Shoreditch twat backlash and the brilliant Nathan Barley.  But still that has not perturbed them as they venture on with top advice such as…

1) Wearing winter clothes now.   In summer.  To stay one step ahead.  One step ahead of who? That’s not fashion forward (shudder), that’s idiocy.   I’m not sure wearing woollens in the heat and rocking a red shiny face is really the look I am aiming for, but thanks for the tip… Continue reading

Viking Language

28 Jul

Jacq Kelly

Swedish                  Scottish                     English

hus                               hoose                          house

bra                               braw                            nice

efter                             efter                            after

snö                               snaw                            snow

dyr                               dear                             expensive

potatis                         tatties                        potatoes

polis                             polis                           police

rund                             roond                        round

barn                             bairn                          child

hela                              hale                            whole

känt                             kent                             knew

Re-interpreting Deep.

28 Jul

Ellie Hutchinson

I recently had the good fortune to re-visit the amazing and awe inspiring Deep by East 17. Released in 1993, I was 12 maybe 13 and bad boys were HOT. On reflection, it seems a bit young to be into bad boys, but that might be because I’m old and fancy David Miliband now. But this song and this band were out when I was just getting into lads and shiz so it will always have a special place in my heart. And as any good sociologist  human knows, the way to properly love something is to over analyse it.

Check it!

Turn the lights low
And put some music on

YES. This was crucial to action, low lighting and R. Kelly. THEN. Not now. Never now.

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Teenage Kicks

28 Jul

Tim Snelson

I am painfully middle aged. If I’m lucky. This means I must live till 76 which considering I already look like someone has scribbled Alan Sugar’s face on a scrotum is perhaps unlikely. However, despite this facial grizzling and other symptoms of middle age – inexplicable ear-hair, escalated hangovers, inability to follow Hollyoaks – I wouldn’t trade these for the opportunity to return to teenage, a la 13 Going on 30. Whilst ‘in my day’ it was possible to sneak through these awkward, at times embarrassing years in relatively undocumented anonymity, this privilege has been deemed illegal within our celeb-governed dystopian present. When not subject to panoptic gawping by parents (who summarily become the subject of our gawping) whilst trying to tipsily cop-off on holiday in Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, teens are being goaded to prod their penises via webcam in Embarrassing Bodies or discuss oral sex with their peers without giggling on the The Sex Education Show.

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Nobody loves Raymond

27 Jul

Ellie Hutchinson

If you have stumbled across our blog with this search term- you’re in luck. Not only has Matt explained why Everybody Loves Raymond is an outright lie, but you’ve also come across this little story. You lucky thing you…

Raymond was an annoying little boy. His voice was too loud, his stories too long and his feet were too small. He liked to put his annoying little feet in people’s way and watch as they fell over. You could hear his braying laugh as far as the music building across the football pitch and behind the netball court. Even Raymond’s teachers avoided eye contact with him. They used to put him at the back of the class where he would annoy the naughty children with his boring stories about pencil cases. His parents had taken him to the best doctors around the world in the hope of finding out why he was quite so annoying. After one such long and expensive trip,  as they watched him kick the consultant and compose hate letters to his cat, they realised that they themselves did not like Raymond. Raymond didn’t mind, he didn’t like them much either. Continue reading