Five facts: music and me

6 Jul

Jacq Kelly

So we are all meant to write something about music. But I don’t know anything about music. So here are some facts about music and me:

1. I took guitar lessons for about three months but I still can’t play guitar. I mostly spent those three months developing a crush on someone in the class. We live together now.

2. I used to go to certain music events in order to meet lesbians but now I feel I have a sufficient number of lesbians in my life.

3. I’ve ‘dated’ two drummers. One of them broke a lot of sticks.

4. I took recorder lessons at school but still can’t play recorder. Really I wanted to be in the choir but then I recorded myself singing. It did not sound good.

5. One time I asked Martha Wainwright to sign a cd “to Jacq, thanks for all the good times.” She was not amused but did it anyway.


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