GQ confuses me

21 Jul

GQ. What are you up to? First off you do this:






Which is in no way dodgy.

Then there’s this:

Which. I mean.. what? I heard about this interview. She says how sexist Hollywood is. And this is the picture they went with.

But then… They did this!

Which is a celebration of amazing men doing genuinely amazing social justice work. You know, domestic abuse advocacy, children’s rights, anti-trafficking campaigning. Basically, it’s a swoon fest of nice men. So what gives? I have no idea how people who work in publishing can make this mish mash of sexism and pro-equality fit in their heads. What are their editorial meetings like?  Does someone suggest an article about sexism and then instantly someone else has to suggest a sexy lady pic? Or is it more fluid than that, like “why don’t we celebrate men who do lots of positive things for survivors?”   “Yeah, good one, Dave. Talking of sex offences, why don’t we do jokes about julian assange’s sex life?”

I’m so confused.


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