Re-interpreting Deep.

28 Jul

Ellie Hutchinson

I recently had the good fortune to re-visit the amazing and awe inspiring Deep by East 17. Released in 1993, I was 12 maybe 13 and bad boys were HOT. On reflection, it seems a bit young to be into bad boys, but that might be because I’m old and fancy David Miliband now. But this song and this band were out when I was just getting into lads and shiz so it will always have a special place in my heart. And as any good sociologist  human knows, the way to properly love something is to over analyse it.

Check it!

Turn the lights low
And put some music on

YES. This was crucial to action, low lighting and R. Kelly. THEN. Not now. Never now.

Let our bodies sing
Swing 2 the soft song
I feel ya heat
It’s turning me on
I wanna feel ya all night long so

Ok, fine. Touching and swinging (to R Kelly obviously) all very under 18s disco. All night long though? Probably should be “I wanna feel ya till your mum comes home.”

Come close, as close as U can
I surrender you’re so tender and tanned
I wanna toss, I wanna tumble
Feel and fumble, I wanna do it
Till my belly rumbles

I’ve got to be in by 9 anyway.

So lay back and
Close your eyes and
While I fiddle U can fantasize
While I fiddle U can fantasize

Wait. Whaaat? Fiddle? FIDDLE?!! This was never sexy talk.

*Deep baby deep deep down
Like sleep sugar, so rest upon my chest

Nice sentiment, literally means nothing. That’s teenage boys for you! Am I right?!

What ya body wants
I got dis
Whatcha need indeed
I’m gonna rock this
I dream U scream and tighten ya hold
I tiggle in the middle as we giggle

More did not tell me about this ‘tiggling’ malarkey. Is it like feltching?

In I go, oh, deep and down deeper
Like an ocean
As I push I blow ya emotions


You explode, like dynamite
U got the fuse but to ya fuse I got the light
Together we swing
Shh!, I hear our souls sing
A symphony, a lovers harmony
Can U hear the harmony?

No, that’s just your dad’s car.

Repeat *

I’m gonna kiss ya from ya head 2 ya toes and then
I’m gonna lick ya where you’d love me to go, yeah!
Oil ya skin within hold ya tight

Oil ya skin within… Really? Sounds.. yeasty.

Yeah, I butter the toast
If U lick the knife

Breakfast analogies are HOT. But really, a penis/knife is no good to anyone. Frightening.

And take a shower
Maybe bubble the bath
I’ll wash yours, U wash mine
Yeah, we’ll have a good laugh


I’ll be the sponge, the sponge
The sponge that wets U down

Hee hee. Wet.

Then I’ll be the towel upon
Your naked body, wrapped around
And then as our game comes 2 an end
We’ll start again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Seriously, your dad’s in the driveway.


4 Responses to “Re-interpreting Deep.”

  1. inattheshallowend July 28, 2011 at 1:04 pm #


  2. inattheshallowend July 28, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Also, I am currently trying to “interpret” the Equalities Act. Your project is much better.

    I might take a look at some Take That lyrics while I eat my lunch . . . .

  3. Lucy July 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    this made me lol and diet coke came out my nose! Genius Ellie!

  4. Webbo July 28, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Here’s my song lyrics:

    I will be there, sat on a chair, and I will glare at those with fair coloured hair. I’ll eat a pear and, if I dare, find a girl named Claire, and push her down the stair.

    Fuckin’ rap ain’t even a thing.

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