Band names

31 Jul

Ellie Hutchinson

Jacq commented today that I look like someone’s fun aunty in this picture which is, I think, an amazing name for a band.  Juliette Lewis and Ellen Page would be in a film about Fun Aunty. And they would be awesome.  So I’ve spent today thinking about made up band names. This is a fun game that you yourself have probably partaken in (I’m a touch hungover so words original concepts are out of the question, but come on you guys! It’s fun!).

Lots has been written about band names and their origins, whether they’ve come about through literary appreciation or through a tenuous link to penises, ejaculation, or erections (seriously, dudes. We get it. You have cocks. They do stuff). But did you know that Nickleback came from getting a “nickle-back”?  Or that 10cc is volume related? Nice.

Clearly, band names are everywhere, but if you’re  struggling to come up with a good name, here are some websites that can help you out.

For emo related bands, try The Name Generator. According to this, my band name would be Loveless Helicopter Satellite. Personally, I’d drop the satellite and just go with Loveless Helicopter. This would be an all boy band, and they would wear eyeliner and lots of stripes. Potential hits: The Black of Love; Nails Across My Heart and Panda Eyes.

Looking to start a dance band? Try this website . Essentially, it’s just a list of words, but my favourite combo is AfterBeat Benabar. They would probably be Dutch. Potential hits: Techno stole my soul;Berlin! Berlin! and the beat is alive.

Classic rock more your thing? Here’s some handy hints. But as we know classic rock is essentially a cock-party, I’d just go with Wad Panther and song titles such as I’m made of bone, Stiff You and Ride The Leopard.

Whimsical folk up your street? I don’t even need a generator. My band would be Ellie and the Fishes. And we would sing songs such as Broken light, Your diary and Those Dusty Books.









One Response to “Band names”

  1. Jacq August 3, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    My band is called Gay Incest Chicken.

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