Dragon’s Den:a battle of truly epic proportions

1 Aug

Matt Webb

So, I see that in finding a new Dragon to replace James Caan in the Den, whoever was responsible for deciding on the replacement took the “dragon” part literally.

In fact, looking at Hilary Devey with her spindly withered talons branching out from those magnificent shoulder pads beneath that giant, giant head, I am put in mind of one of the greatest characters in literary history:

If you haven’t seen The Dark Crystal you haven’t lived.

Of course, this is not to say that I think she’s a bad person and she’s clearly an excellent business-woman. But what a difference to the fluffy and gentle Koala, James Caan!

One thing’s sure for this season of Dragon’s Den. The dynamic of the group will change in a big way. Deborah Meaden faces a serious challenge to her title as the Undisputed Hardest Dragon in the Den. Peter Jones is a massive child in a suit, Theo Paphitis swings between an existence as a kindly husband and father and as The Count from Sesame Street, and Duncan Bannatyne’s mind whizzes around the Den like a balloon with the air let out, looking for someone to laugh at and belittle, too busy being petty to be truly terrifying.

This leaves only the two ladies. I look forward to a mighty power struggle over the course of this series. I cannot predict the outcome. All I can predict is that it will be a battle of truly epic proportions. Enjoy.


One Response to “Dragon’s Den:a battle of truly epic proportions”

  1. Webbo August 1, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Mmmmmm, Gelfling!!

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