Celebrity culture or Brad Pitt goes tupperware shopping in Falmouth

22 Aug

Rob Kneebone
Celebrities are super-human, are they not? Special beings. They don’t shit or piss, they don’t get tummy bugs and throw up, they don’t get upset about things and cry. And, they are invincible, they will never die. Get real! They are just as real as us, they are just animals, like the other 6.7 billion of us humans. However, a large percentage of this 6.7 billion people (well in Western cultures any way) seem to think anyone who is either on the TV, in the movies or in a well-known band is some how special and more important than those who aren’t.

Celebrities are treated with more respect, are adored by millions who don’t even know them personally, are offered lots of freebies, paid ridiculous amounts of money for doing something they’d probably do for free and are generally regarded as superior beings. “We” get excited when we see a “famous” person, act differently around them than we would with the average person we might meet, get nervous and generally make a complete tit out of ourselves.

I too am guilty of this-I met and had a one-to-one chat with Kate Winslet last year when she randomly popped in the place I worked. And how did I act? Well, my feathers stood up on their ends and I muttered nervously to her and felt myself shaking with excitement to see my teenage fantasy girl standing there right in front of me. But why? Why are we all so conditioned and brainwashed by fame and its perceived power and importance? Is it the media’s fault, with their obsessive coverage and glamorization of those in the spotlight, or are we all just so insecure in ourselves and our own lives that we need to pin some sort of importance onto these people in order to make us aspire to something and get lost in fantasy? Are we just incapable of living without thinking there are things, people, spirits, Gods that have some sort of power over us, that are better than us?

Brad Pitt visited our town, Falmouth, last week to record scenes for his new film, “War Z” here. The town went in to frenzy. All people could talk about was Brad Pitt and Angelina, or should I say “Brangelina”. There was a buzz about the place with people wondering if the next face they might see at the Tesco self-service checkout in town might be Mr Pitt himself. The town was full of rumours of people having “spotted him”. One women said, “apparently he was seen buying Tupperware in Trago Mills on Saturday”. People are so obsessed that they make up sightings for the sake of getting one over on people. Why would Brad Pitt be buying Tupperware during filming a Hollywood blockbuster?! Surely he would have his assistants do that. Why would he need Tupperware anyway? Famous people don’t cook for themselves…do they? See, now even I am getting sucked in! I don’t know what it is that makes us so interested in these people we don’t know. Apart from the fact they can remember lines, and strike a chord or sing a song and might just be quite talented, they are not any more special or incredible than any of the rest of us. We are all special and we are all unique and we all wipe our bums with toilet paper….I hope.

One Response to “Celebrity culture or Brad Pitt goes tupperware shopping in Falmouth”

  1. Rpb August 24, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    May I apologise for my use of the word “tit” in said paragraph; this may be misinterpreted as sexist. I hereby replace it with “dick” ; )

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