Matt Webb. He’s co-editing now.

24 Aug

Matthew Webb is now co-editing this bad boy. Good news. Matt has written such delights as Nemesis, the world of advertising and answered the eternal question; why does woman vigina have no filing?

You can read other things he writes here. It’s mainly going to be about football or something.

Here’s his bio (in case you didn’t want to click on the about page, although.. come on. It’s one click).

Matthew Webb has made a string of questionable life choices that have led to him finding himself in a job that “pays the bills.” Which is another way of saying, “that is the polar opposite of all his boyhood dreams and aspirations.” Despite this, he still believes himself to be right. About everything.

 Turn ons include: Cowboys, zombies, heavy metal music, PG Wodehouse and dogs.

Turn offs include: Stupid people that don’t think they’re stupid, the Lloyds TSB adverts, cats and Kirsten O’Brien.


One Response to “Matt Webb. He’s co-editing now.”

  1. Webbo August 24, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    …tomorrow, the world!!

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