Feminism: Don’t be a douche

31 Aug

Ellie Hutchinson

I’ve had some problems today. Problems with the WORLD. It’s really quite annoying. My day has consisted of; reading rubbish claiming that hate speech is fine as long as you sing it; writing letters in response to some right wing fruit loop tell me what to do with my uterus; reading nonsense about why women should be as pretty as possible to get ahead and seeing children’s clothes that say “I’m too pretty to do math” and “my brother does my homework for me”.  Seriously. You guys… What’s wrong with people?! To paraphrase Simon Amstell “didn’t we have this conversation?” . Didn’t we decide that sexism isn’t ok? You know, in the 70’s.

What’s that?.. oh.. we didn’t. So..we’re all totally fine with it? Right…Good to know.


It’s annoying more than anything else. How can sensible people with brains still have these stupid conversations? Seriously. How?

Part of it is how much we like to talk about sexist fuckwits. Obviously the actual problem is sexism, but talking about douche bags more than we celebrate awesomeness isn’t great. I discovered a new quote this week which is “you can’t be what you can’t see”, and this is what I’m going with. No more douche bag chat from me. Nope. I shall only celebrate awesomeness and ignore idiots (hence no links to the above).

So, off the top of my head, here are five feminist* moments from the mainstream to embrace:


New comedy show from two ex-inbetweeners. They say; “our hope, and the thought behind it, is for it to be a quasi-feminist sitcom”. Time will tell, but Yay! Feminism!

Hadley Freeman

Just in general. But her comment pieces on abortion are particularly good. She’s funny, clever and basically ace. Read her.

Dermot O’Leary

Always going to be on to a winner as he’s on my top five list of potential husbands (other entrants include; Barack Obama and Will Young) but did you see the X factor? Did you see that horrible bloke be really nasty to Tulisa? Did you see Dermot’s response? “YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT WOMEN LIKE THAT”. Good one Derms.

Fright Night

Not my cup of tea at all. I freak out when my cat looks out the window for too long (what’s there puss? TELL ME!!!!) But apparently it’s pretty feminist friendly. Writer from Buffy on board=bound to be good.

Lisa Lionheart.

This is really old, but it’s worth noting (particularly when clothes shops insist on selling a pre-war version of girl hood to girls) that one of the most popular shows ever did a whole show on toys for girls. Featuring such delights as:

“I’m a white male age 18-40, everyone listens to me no matter how dumb my suggestions are!” (Homer) and “Millions of girls will grow up thinking that this is the right way to act. That they can’t be anymore than vacuous ninnies whose only goal is to look pretty, land a rich husband, spend all day on a boat with their equally vacuous friends talking about how damn terrific it is to look pretty and have a rich husband!” (Lisa)

So, to continue with the “you can’t be what you can’t see” theme, my plan is that every week I’ll track down some more non-douchey types and talk about them here. Obviously there’s more to go on then a 10 year old episode of the Simpsons, right?

Wish me luck (and send suggestions).


*Feminism= don’t be a douche.


4 Responses to “Feminism: Don’t be a douche”

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    Thumbs up


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