Feminism: Don’t be a douche (part 2)

15 Sep

Ellie Hutchinson

You can read Feminism: Don’t be douche (part 1) here

Last week I decided to take on the thankless task of finding non a-hole behaviour in this world of ours. It is decidedly lacking. Never the less, I’m nothing if not a tryer, so here are my top 5 feminist/non-douche moments of the week.

Whilst pop culture continues to alienate pretty much everyone, this has been a bad but good week for the laydeeez in real life terms. In other words- lobbying has worked. Yay collective voices!

1) The abortion amendments tabled by Nadine Dorries were resoundingly shot down by parliament. Well done MPs. (Lets just ignore the sexism displayed afterwards by HER OWN LEADER)

2) Top Man, in a LOLtastic move, decided that it is hil-ar-ious to make T-shirts that are pro-domestic abuse and anti-women. Man, that shit is both highly original and totally ironic. yawn. In good news, they removed it from their shelves after bloody pc/feminazi bitches got all up in their grill. Obviously they didn’t take any actual responsibility or recognise that you know, violence against women isn’t funny (lighten up ladies!) but they still took it down. This is a victory. Well done us.

3) The coalition have realised that women vote. They need women onside, ergo, they’re looking at how to be more woman friendly. (Top tip: STOP BEING DOUCHE BAGS)

4) The 100 most powerful (unseen) women list is now live. Josie Long is on it. Well done Josie Long.

5)  Cracked have a rather hiliarious take on twilight. Social learning anyone?

In other news; here is a brilliant clip on how to do the robot.



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