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Things that really piss me off in the morning.

31 Oct

Paul Forster

I am a commuter of sorts, but not the traditional kind, I use my legs to get me where I need to without the aid of complicated machinery. Unless you count my ipod, I can walk without it but I prefer not to, other people’s faces are bad enough in the morning, I don’t need to hear their annoying voices too.

In the morning I am at my most grumpy and for those that know me, food and more sleep is generally the best option, for those that don’t… DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE ON THE PAVEMENT. I will not get out of your way and if I am particularly annoyed I will get in your way and shout in your face as you knock me down. The cycle paths and roads are there for a reason. USE THEM! Continue reading


The top five: Hilarious fancy dress outfits. If sexism didn’t exist.

24 Oct

Ellie Hutchinson

So Halloween is upon us. Yay and eugh. Yay, because I’m dressing up like a gigantic pumpkin and eugh, because, well, Halloween is like the day the last 30 years forgot. Basically, it’s awful for women. Now, I try not to dwell too much on HOW SEXIST THE WORLD IS when I’m not at work, so that I can cope/live in the world/not tear my skin off. I recently tried to compile a weekly list of non-douchey types to counter the horrible misogyny that is pop culture. Alas, pop culture hates women. Surprise! However, I am yet to give up on the idea that most of us aren’t arseholes, so my new tactic is to pretend that we already live in an egalitarian utopia and that sexism is actually hilarious (you know, instead of rape jokes).  So, with that in mind, here are my top five hilarious fancy dress outfits. Continue reading

Common Sense: Using Public Transport (part two)

24 Oct


Matt Webb

You can read part one of our common sense guide to using public transport here.

Please enjoy part two, entitled:

Your kids aren’t special

Not many people know this, but I am actually a Satanist. It’s a lifestyle choice I made a few years back, and I’ve had no real reason to regret it (apart from the nightmares. Dear God, the nightmares!) The trouble with practising Devil worship is that there is an awful lot of noise, mess and paraphernalia involved in carrying out the rituals.

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YES: Feminist Ryan Gosling

14 Oct


Check it. Feminist Ryan Gosling.

Common Sense: Using Public Transport (part one)

11 Oct

 Matt Webb

Hello friends. Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll be able to tell you that I am a deep well of common sense knowledge, in a “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you” kind of way. I have decided that it is selfish of me to keep all of these pearls of wisdom to myself. It’s time I shared my knowledge with the world, starting with:

How to use public transport

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YES: Sunday Music.

2 Oct

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The Helen Mirren Paradox

2 Oct

Ellie Hutchinson

In case you missed it, last week Helen Mirren said she “was always an instinctive feminist”. Great. She nearly made it on to my don’t be a douche list (I’ve only got Jon Hamm so far).  But then I remembered this. Not good.

Two contradictory comments from one woman. Interesting. It’s interesting because we can ask all the usual questions like; 1)Is she a feminist?  2) What is feminism anyway?  and 3) What impact will her comments have on people? But it’s also interesting for me, because-gasp- I still really like her. Continue reading