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Class war update.

29 Nov

Class war, generation war, war against women, war between the regions: George Osborne’s autumn statement blatantly declares itself for the few against the many. Gloves are off and gauntlets down, and the nasty party bares its teeth. Here is the re-toxified Tory party, the final curtain on David Cameron’s electoral charade. No more crocodile tears for the poor, no more cant about social mobility or “the most family-friendly government” or “we’re all in this together”. Forget “vote blue go green”, with this mockery of husky-hugging. Let the planet fry

Read Polly Toynbee’s analysis of the autumn statement/class war currently being waged in UK politics.

Owen Jones (who I think I’m politically in love with?) tweeted “When people say Osborne’s plan “isn’t working” only true in terms of growth. But it is re-ordering society further along Thatcherite lines”.

Here’s his liberal whaaaaat face just in case you’ve forgotten.



YES: November 30th Strikes

29 Nov

YES: Summer camp

21 Nov

The great debate: Getting old.

21 Nov

In this great debate, Rob and Matt ask- age, what’s that all about then?

Matt Webb

In case you didn’t know, Ellie turned thirty the other day. THIRTY! To give you an idea of how large a number that is, try counting up to it using your fingers. You run out of fingers after ten. If you are the character Goofy from the old Disney cartoons, your toes will now break through the ends of your shoes and you will continue to count your way up to twenty. So far, so good. Now what you have to do is remember that you’ve gotten as far as twenty and go back to your fingers to count out the remaining ten needed to take you up to thirty. I’m only twenty nine. That, if you’ve followed the method correctly, leaves the little finger waving free, not weighed down by an imaginary number denoting a year of life. Continue reading

Some things that won’t exist in the feminist utopia I am planning

7 Nov

Ellie Hutchinson

I have big ambitions. I wrote about my grand plan to become PM a while back and those ideas are slowly coming to fruition. Mainly, I thought about going to the Labour conference. With that in mind, and a hangover day in front of the TV, here are some things that definitely won’t exist when I take charge.

1)      Misfit’s perception that rape=natural man behaviour Continue reading