Some non-fiction books I read this year. Part two: Boys and their bleeding racket.

21 Dec

Ellie Hutchinson

Misframing Men: The politics of contemporary masculinities. M.Kimmel

 What’s this about then?

Michael Kimmel looks at dudeness, the backlash, evolutionary psychology and where the ladies are at (not in military academies).

Who should read it?

Anyone who:

1)      Thinks pop psychology is like every bad rom com you’ve ever seen and what the what feminists hate men?!

2)      Is a man who is pissed off at always being called a potential rapist

3)      Is curious about entitlement

What I learnt:

Men/Mars bullshit is actually quite dangerous in terms of how we interact with each other, a black woman didn’t take anyone’s job,* and pop psychology can suck my left one.

 *Kimmel writes about going on a talk show to discuss the thoughtful and nuanced topic “A black woman took my job”


 White boys, white noise: Masculinities and 1980s Indie Guitar Rock. Matthew Bannister

What’s this about then?

Matthew Bannister looks at indie guitar music and how it’s all faux-hemian, even though he totally loves it and was in a band once. Featuring theorists such as Adorno and Foucault, Bannister looks at what white noise means and whether or not it re-asserts or subverts authorship, gendered power and other such delights.

 Who should read it?


1)      Who has a sneaky suspicion that indie/alternative music is just sexism packaged differently BUT

2)      still loves 80s indie guitar music. Or 90s indie guitar music, or indie guitar music fall stop

3)      Is interested in the sociology of music and post-modern discussions about art.

 What I learnt:

Noise can be masculine and white boys with guitars do not a revolution make. See also: symbolic annihilation.


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