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Yes! CEDAW the superhero

31 Jan

Some non-fiction books I read this year. Part three: Tony Benn and Germaine Greer go for a pint. In my mind.

30 Jan

Ellie Hutchinson

Nina Power: One dimensional woman

What’s this about then?

Nina Power is a FIRECRACKER. Ace name, immense mind and super fierce, this book is a pamphlet of power. Dissects everything that is wrong with the world and makes the case for why feminism needs socialism, and vice versa, more than ever.

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Common Sense: Being a Tourist in the UK

25 Jan

 Matt Webb

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (ie. you are one of the columnists or you are the partner/spouse of one of the columnists) you might have read my “common sense” rant about proper public transport etiquette. If you didn’t read it and can’t be bothered to click on that link I’ve helpfully provided then you can A. go to hell and B. take my word for it that is was pure gold.

So confident am I in the quality of my common sense advice that I’ve decided to make a second column dedicated to the proper way to conduct yourself as a tourist in the UK. I promise it’s not racist (much.)

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Feminist fashion

6 Jan

Feminist fashion