Some non-fiction books I read this year. Part three: Tony Benn and Germaine Greer go for a pint. In my mind.

30 Jan

Ellie Hutchinson

Nina Power: One dimensional woman

What’s this about then?

Nina Power is a FIRECRACKER. Ace name, immense mind and super fierce, this book is a pamphlet of power. Dissects everything that is wrong with the world and makes the case for why feminism needs socialism, and vice versa, more than ever.

Who should read this?


1)       Who is bored/frustrated/depressed with hearing women talk about how empowering it is to take your clothes off for a porn empire

2)      Is interested in where feminism is right now

3)      Wants to think about how socialism is important to feminist liberation. As in- we need to stop selling ourselves.

What I learnt:

We are walking CVs in a capitalist patriarchy that profits of our bodies and we’re more than happy to sell them. Empowerment does not mean I choose therefore I am (liberated). AND of course being a sexy type woman with no clothes on makes you powerful in patriachy. Them’s the rules.

 The Psychopath Test. Jon Ronson:

What’s this about then?

Jon Ronson asks: Am I psychopath? Who is? Who determines this? How? Why? When? What does this even mean????

Who should read it?

Anyone who:

1)      Likes a bit of self-deprecating neurosis in their reading material

2)      Is curious about mental health and how it may or may not be sometimes socially/culturally determined

3)      Thinks politicians/business leaders are a little lacking in the old empathy department.

What I learnt:

That Jon Ronson is a great writer, that psychopath testing is slightly on the arbitrary side (maybe) and that Scientologists HATE anything to do with mental health.


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