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YES: Failure is an option

2 Feb

Pussy riot: Feminist punks take on Putin

2 Feb

“We are united by feminism, opposition to Putin’s regime and his vertical of power, antiauthoritarianism and leftist ideas,” Pussy Riot said. Can I join?

Literally the most guardiany paragraph ever written

1 Feb

I rather enjoy it when people force a “literally” where the antithetical and more pretentious “figuratively” would do – would, in fact, be more literal. But I have my limits. If you literally spray me with your false statements, do I not drown? If you literally press it upon me that the impossible has indeed happened, do I not recoil? However, one needs to be careful in diagnosing such linguistic ills. Nobody likes the queasy pedant creeping up with cold fingers, ready to clip our wings.


Eeeeesck. You can literally laugh your sock off here