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Oh us? Well, since you’ve asked…

As a misquoted Emma Goldman once said “if I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”. So in the spirit of dancing and funtimes, dance ricky dance is where horribly clichéd lefty liberal types go on their day off.

We write about anything that rocks our boat and/or rattles our cage and believe that the high/low culture division is a patriarchal, classist construction. Which is handy.

Paul Forster

Paul is a shallow, egotistical, materialistic, vain, self centred narcissist who likes nothing more than triviallising real life in favour of reality television, celebrity gossip magazines and rolling about in ky jelly. He’s a terrible, tortured poet who loves alliteration and presupposition.

He’s also a dancer, a prancer, a cooker, a baker, a reader, a maybe bear and a hyperactive hypocrite.

Being a positive pessimist, a negative optimist – for Paul, the glass is just half. He’s a realist into reflexivity but he can’t conjugate a verb.


Emma Fraser

Emma knows far too much useless information about celebrities thanks to endless hours watching E! and spending far too much time on ohnotheydidnt but is hoping this ‘research’ will prove valuable in the future. Buying books and creating the biggest ‘to read pile’ is also something that Emma is particularly good at, currently hovering at the number 30. This also is considered as research.

Emma’s real passion though is writing about and watching television, ranging from the smart and brilliant to the trashy and wonderful (no discrimination here).


Ellie Hutchinson

 Ellie is a professional feminist (and her heart is in it) who likes to drink G&T’s and hang out with her friends, cat and lovely boyf at home in Edinburgh. She likes to have nostalgia trips to Heartbreak High and enjoys dancing round her kitchen to 5ive. She also makes an amazing roast dinner. She is the writer of the feminist (?) romance series Mantra and ranter on gender issues for dance ricky dance. She co-edits this bad boy with Matthew Webb (see below).


 Lucy Jackson

 Dolly Parton is Lucy’s idol.

Other than Dolly, Lucy also loves lists, fancy dress, kittens, a nice cuppa and a sit down, vegetarianism, cheeky vimto, horror films, sequins, cynicism, the seaside, polka dots, Vivienne Westwood shoes, cinema picnics, swear words, head-massages, silly dancing &  pugs.

Lucy is happiest when scouring vintage shops with her Chihuahua Butch in tow.

Jacq Kelly

Jacq lives in Edinburgh but dreams of moving to Sweden and becoming a viking. Until this happens, she spends her time writing poetry, fiction and trying to make a difference in  politics as a campaigner. None of this brings her much joy, but you’ve got to pass the time somehow.

Pet topics for ranting/pondering include LGBT and general equality and human rights stuff, why people are generally quite annoying and crap at understanding disability and also the loveliness of Giraffes

Rob Kneebone

Rob is a realist; life isn’t all love and hugs, it can be bloody shit. He also knows it can be extremely beautiful, amazing and awe-inspiring. Rob likes to ponder the little complexities of life, the human condition and the baffling expanse of the human mind.

He prefers writing to talking and he likes to play guitar and write songs. He occasionally dresses up as an old lady, and sometimes wears eye liner and a dress. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and enjoys cold, crisp, frosty, sunny winter days. You can listen to Rob’s music here

Tim Snelson

 Tim was a fulltime bad guitarist, but is now a fully fledged film nerk. In addition to kittens, Tim loves pink booze, ventriloquist dummies, toasted cheese sandwiches, Sparklehorse and Time Bandits.

He once appeared on Mike Read’s Saturday Superstore wearing Christmas cracker leg warmers. Keith Chegwin and John Craven ‘pulled his legs’. No really.

Matt Webb

Co-editor Matthew Webb has made a string of questionable life choices that have led to him finding himself in a job that “pays the bills.” Which is another way of saying, “that is the polar opposite of all his boyhood dreams and aspirations.” Despite this, he still believes himself to be right. About everything.

Turn ons include: Cowboys, zombies, heavy metal music, PG Wodehouse and dogs.

Turn offs include: Stupid people that don’t think they’re stupid, the Lloyds TSB adverts, cats and Kirsten O’Brien.



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