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Common Sense: Using Public Transport (part one)

11 Oct

 Matt Webb

Hello friends. Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll be able to tell you that I am a deep well of common sense knowledge, in a “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you” kind of way. I have decided that it is selfish of me to keep all of these pearls of wisdom to myself. It’s time I shared my knowledge with the world, starting with:

How to use public transport

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The 100 Dames of Pvt. O’Rourke

29 Sep

Matt Webb

Inspired by the superb headlines of 1950s magazine ‘Man’s Life‘, Dance Ricky Dance proudly presents “The 100 Dames of Pvt. O’Rourke.” This is the first in a series of writings by the DRD columnists based on the headlines of this magnificent publication. Enjoy!

The 100 Dames of Pvt. O’Rourke

Private O’Rourke ducked into a narrow alley and hid in a shady doorway. He crouched on the balls of his feet, trying to ease his laboured breathing and slow his heart, which was hammering at the inside of his ribcage like a…well… a hammer, essentially. He cocked his head, straining his hearing for the slightest sound that would indicate that his pursuers were gaining on him. His head was swimming; his thoughts inevitably turning back to the fateful day a mere week ago, when his life had changed forever…

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