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Rubbish TV review of the week: Chuck

13 Jun

Ellie Hutchinson

Set up: Chuck is a one hour programme on channel 5 about a normal man who has some sort of spy wear in his brain. I didn’t really get how or why, but there are video cameras in his bedroom, and he has a terminator style face recognition thing going on.

Characters: Everybody is absolutely beautiful. But also really not. They’re kind of..waxy. No facial movements or pores here people. Apart from Chuck! And his friends who are clearly lifted from the 40 year old virgin. Annoyingly, NO PAUL RUDD.  -10 points Continue reading


Some non-fiction books I read this year. Part three: Tony Benn and Germaine Greer go for a pint. In my mind.

30 Jan

Ellie Hutchinson

Nina Power: One dimensional woman

What’s this about then?

Nina Power is a FIRECRACKER. Ace name, immense mind and super fierce, this book is a pamphlet of power. Dissects everything that is wrong with the world and makes the case for why feminism needs socialism, and vice versa, more than ever.

Who should read this? Continue reading

Some non-fiction books I read this year. Part two: Boys and their bleeding racket.

21 Dec

Ellie Hutchinson

Misframing Men: The politics of contemporary masculinities. M.Kimmel

 What’s this about then?

Michael Kimmel looks at dudeness, the backlash, evolutionary psychology and where the ladies are at (not in military academies).

Who should read it?

Anyone who:

1)      Thinks pop psychology is like every bad rom com you’ve ever seen and what the what feminists hate men?! Continue reading

Cat lady: The superhero with rubbish but essential powers

15 Dec

Ellie Hutchinson

Introducing the AWESOME and AMAZING lady with super special powers. Marvel as she:

Generally remembers to take food out of the freezer before going to work! ORGANISED!!!

Had the day off and didn’t spend it all on the internet!! PRODUCTIVE!!!!

Keeps a stock of dry shampoo at work for when she’s running late! FORWARD PLANNING!!!! Continue reading

Some non-fiction books I read this year. Part one: Fags and girls.

12 Dec

Ellie Hutchinson

Dude You’re a Fag. Masculinity and Sexuality in High School. C.J Pascoe

What’s this about then?

CJ Pascoe hangs out at a high school* that sounds like every school you’ve ever seen on American TV and/or film. She talks to them about boyness, which also encompasses race, gender and sexuality.

Who should read it? Continue reading

Upshot of ageing: Things that terrified me as a teenager but don’t anymore.

1 Dec

Ellie Hutchinson

I am now 30, therefore a proper adult. Whilst this means the slow, gradual descent towards death and dementia, the upshot is I haven’t worried about the following for years:

Getting pregnant by looking at a man

When I was a teenager, More seemed to specialise in horror stories about girls getting pregnant after bathing/having a fumble/going swimming with a boy. These stories always made me anxious. For starters, I was definitely not having glamorous, grown up bath sex like all the other girls in the world, but mainly because getting pregnant was seen as THE WORST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN TO YOU. Continue reading

Some things that won’t exist in the feminist utopia I am planning

7 Nov

Ellie Hutchinson

I have big ambitions. I wrote about my grand plan to become PM a while back and those ideas are slowly coming to fruition. Mainly, I thought about going to the Labour conference. With that in mind, and a hangover day in front of the TV, here are some things that definitely won’t exist when I take charge.

1)      Misfit’s perception that rape=natural man behaviour Continue reading

The top five: Hilarious fancy dress outfits. If sexism didn’t exist.

24 Oct

Ellie Hutchinson

So Halloween is upon us. Yay and eugh. Yay, because I’m dressing up like a gigantic pumpkin and eugh, because, well, Halloween is like the day the last 30 years forgot. Basically, it’s awful for women. Now, I try not to dwell too much on HOW SEXIST THE WORLD IS when I’m not at work, so that I can cope/live in the world/not tear my skin off. I recently tried to compile a weekly list of non-douchey types to counter the horrible misogyny that is pop culture. Alas, pop culture hates women. Surprise! However, I am yet to give up on the idea that most of us aren’t arseholes, so my new tactic is to pretend that we already live in an egalitarian utopia and that sexism is actually hilarious (you know, instead of rape jokes).  So, with that in mind, here are my top five hilarious fancy dress outfits. Continue reading

The Helen Mirren Paradox

2 Oct

Ellie Hutchinson

In case you missed it, last week Helen Mirren said she “was always an instinctive feminist”. Great. She nearly made it on to my don’t be a douche list (I’ve only got Jon Hamm so far).  But then I remembered this. Not good.

Two contradictory comments from one woman. Interesting. It’s interesting because we can ask all the usual questions like; 1)Is she a feminist?  2) What is feminism anyway?  and 3) What impact will her comments have on people? But it’s also interesting for me, because-gasp- I still really like her. Continue reading

30 things to do with your bits

22 Sep

Jacq Kelly, Matt Webb and Ellie Hutchinson

Lady magazines are always full of tip top advice and today we stumbled upon a list of 50 things to do with your breasts. For reals. It was primarily ridiculous. So here are our top 30 things to do with a) breasts and b) cocks.


1)    They can be a useful place to keep your bras when they’re not in your underwear drawer

2)   Do the truffle shuffle! Nothing is more hilarious than shaking all your lady lumps. It’s a great way to break the ice in formal  situations

2)     Attach tassels to them and whirl them around a Gentleman’s club

3)    Use them as a handy pen holder

4)     Close doors- they can serve as great pushing devices when you’ve got your hands full Continue reading