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Pussy riot: Feminist punks take on Putin

2 Feb

“We are united by feminism, opposition to Putin’s regime and his vertical of power, antiauthoritarianism and leftist ideas,” Pussy Riot said. Can I join?


Poor Nick

17 Dec

Almost feel sorry for Nick Clegg. Almost.

Via Political Scrapbook

Class war update.

29 Nov

Class war, generation war, war against women, war between the regions: George Osborne’s autumn statement blatantly declares itself for the few against the many. Gloves are off and gauntlets down, and the nasty party bares its teeth. Here is the re-toxified Tory party, the final curtain on David Cameron’s electoral charade. No more crocodile tears for the poor, no more cant about social mobility or “the most family-friendly government” or “we’re all in this together”. Forget “vote blue go green”, with this mockery of husky-hugging. Let the planet fry

Read Polly Toynbee’s analysis of the autumn statement/class war currently being waged in UK politics.

Owen Jones (who I think I’m politically in love with?) tweeted “When people say Osborne’s plan “isn’t working” only true in terms of growth. But it is re-ordering society further along Thatcherite lines”.

Here’s his liberal whaaaaat face just in case you’ve forgotten.


YES: November 30th Strikes

29 Nov

English politics is screwed. There’s only one thing for it, I should be P.M.

18 Aug


Ellie Hutchinson

This week I’ve been mainly angry. Furious in fact.  David Cameron is a total tool box, Nick Clegg is just a dick and Ed Miliband seems to have forgotten that he’s the leader of a social justice party. The policies and responses to the riots are, as my manfriend quite rightly said, “like they asked a random crazy person in the pub to talk about criminals.” So, instead of impotently raging against the machine, I’ve decided there’s only one solution. I should become P.M.

 Here’s my 10 step plan.

1)      Create a new party. I am a member of the Labour party but what with the expenses scandal, phone hacking and Ed not saying much, there’s too much water under the bridge. Plus it would take ages to go up the party ranks. We shall be known as the Bleeding Heart Lefty Liberals. Or something. Continue reading

Liberal whaaaat face

17 Aug

I’m just going to send this to people when they start talking rubbish.


Ed Miliband stops sounding like a Tory. A bit.

16 Aug


Here’s some of what he said

[A]s we talk about what happened i n the riots we must be honest with ourselves. Children’s ideas of right and wrong don’t just come from their parents. And we can’t honestly say the greed, selfishness and gross irresponsibility that shocked us all so deeply is confined to the looters or even to their parents. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of me-first, take what you can culture.The bankers who took millions while destroying people’s savings: greedy, selfish, and immoral.

 The MPs who fiddled their expenses: greedy, selfish, and immoral. The people who hacked phones to get stories to make money for themselves: greedy, selfish and immoral. People who talk about the sick behaviour of those without power, should talk equally about the sick behaviour of those with power. Let’s not pretend that the crisis of values in our society is confined to a minority only at the bottom when we see the morality of millions of hardworking, decent people u nder siege from the top as well. Let’s talk about what it does to our culture.

 Too often we have sent a message from the top to the bottom of Britain’s society that says: anything goes, you are in it for yourself. As long as you can get away with it, who cares? We hear lots of talk now about role models for communities, but what role model has been provided by the elites of our society? So, no, the values crisis is not confined to a so-called underclass. Our whole country is held back by irresponsibility, wherever it is found.

You can read his full speech here

Scottish Independence

5 Jun

Matt Webb

Having entered into a brief and accidental conversation on the subject of Scottish Independence with the delightful Jacq Kelly, it occurred to me that I didn’t really know much about what independence would mean. I’m not just talking about what it would mean for Scotland. I’m talking about what it would mean for the entire United Kingdom and how it would effect me as a member of (and I’m trying not to retch as I say this) “Alarm clock Britain.”

I don’t get on the news much. As a white, middle class, unmarried, childless, 28 year old, straight English man, in full time employment and renting a very reasonably priced one bedroom flat in the suburbs of London, it’s pretty much assumed that old Dave Cameron has got my back. Before Dave, it was Gordon and before Gordon it was Tony and so on. Try watching The Big Questions on BBC1 on a Sunday morning. That show hasn’t yet featured a section where blokes like me are arguing about how the latest decisions in parliament are going to limit our ability to buy a Playstation 3. It would make us all look pretty ridiculous.

Continue reading

budget day

24 Mar

The Budget was yesterday, and it was.. well it was what it was.

To read actual news and debate about it, the Guardian have a whole load of articles about how inherently sexist, classist and middle englandy it was.
Quelle suprise Gideon.

Channel 4 news has blog about the day in the house and almost makes me feel sorry for Nick Clegg (FYI: he’s jealous of Dave’s real BFF)

The BBC has a pocket sized round up (who knew private jet users didn’t have to pay passenger duty?)

To read pretend news, News Thump writes; Millionaire to pretend like £45 a year is life changing. Read more at NewsThump