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Summer style guide

24 May

Matt Webb

Summer’s here! And you know what that means! You can finally show off your rocking bod. But there’s the right way of doing it and then there’s the wrong way. Here at Dance Ricky Dance, we see it as our duty to prevent people from falling into common summer style traps.

Follow the below advice and make this the BEST SUMMER EVER!

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Eye for An Eye

3 May

Rob Kneebone

On the murder of Bin Laden…

Despite the fact he was an evil man, I am still unconvinced that punishment-by-death was the right way to go; instead, putting him in front of a global audience, forced to explain his atrocities to his victims’ families, would, perhaps, be a suitable start. And let’s not forget the American government were the ones who funded Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the first place and it was the CIA who trained its militants. The American and British government’s ideology of revenge is not a healthy way to make progress on the peace front. Osama’s death will result only in more revenge attacks on the US and the rest of the world and see many more innocent civilians meet an early grave. Continue reading

Generation Y Bother

28 Mar

Rob considers originality, human nature and how fucked we all are. Happy Monday!

Rob Kneebone

This Generation (Y) -of which I am part of- is probably the most fucked generation ever. Why are we so fucked? Is it our own fault? Our parent’s?  The government’s? Society’s? Continue reading

Non-intervention is still intervention

13 Mar

Thought for the day

Ellie Hutchinson

 Today’s Observer features an article in which Libyan rebels warn of massacre and call for immediate European and American support. A few weeks ago, it seemed as though revolution was sweeping the region. We watched as commentators debated what would happen in the aftermath of these uprisings. Now, we just watch.

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Thought for the day

5 Mar

The Selfish Species.

 Rob Kneebone

I abhor this country’s Administration. Their only interest is to thieve from the poor to feed the rich, suppress creativity and the arts and mould people in to bland, nine to five robots. Continue reading


4 Mar


3 Mar

I’m a bit in love with the TED talks. Can I marry them? Or at least take them out to dinner.

Thought for the day

2 Mar


Can science, philosophy or religion really explain why we are here?

Rob Kneebone

If one accepts that we are merely a collection of atoms-which by their very nature and definition are soulless inanimate objects-then how does one explain the existence of human emotion, compassion and the capacity we have to love? Can that just be attributed to mere electrical impulses? Are we nothing more than a collection of particles/products of freak chance and coincidence, or is there more to the existence of us than the theories of modern science, philosophy and religion can ever expect to explain? Continue reading