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Imperfect feminism and Beyonce.

28 Aug


I guess you could say I’m a fan of this.


Here’s why. 

 Her feminism might not be my feminism, and my feminism might not be yours, but for reals this is a big moment for feminism. We have an ambassador deep in the trenches of sexist pop culture. Beyonce is one of the biggest pop icons of our generation, and she is owning the feminist label, and it’s a bloody wonderful thing to see. Continue reading


Unanswered questions from this documentary from Vice

6 Jun

1) Why did those people join?

2) Specifically- why do women join?

3) How did it get so big?

4) What does the last testament actually say?

5) Gay people

From Documentary Heaven

Literally the most guardiany paragraph ever written

1 Feb

I rather enjoy it when people force a “literally” where the antithetical and more pretentious “figuratively” would do – would, in fact, be more literal. But I have my limits. If you literally spray me with your false statements, do I not drown? If you literally press it upon me that the impossible has indeed happened, do I not recoil? However, one needs to be careful in diagnosing such linguistic ills. Nobody likes the queasy pedant creeping up with cold fingers, ready to clip our wings.


Eeeeesck. You can literally laugh your sock off here


Feminist fashion

6 Jan

Feminist fashion

Jacq’s poem: Slow Wave Through The City

21 Dec

Filmpoem 15/ Slow Wave Through The City from Alastair Cook on Vimeo.

Pie Chart

13 Dec

Worst Christmas present ever?

12 Dec

No. She won’t.

Important cat news

2 Dec

Cats are awesome. Fact. As a proud cat lady, here are my top five cat related things from this week

1) Songs to sing to cats

2) invisible cats on tumblr

3) Cat album covers

4) This is really weird/amazing. Cat ladies. They have cat heads.

5) Crochet cat cushions

Thoughts of an Indecisive Man: Public Sector Strikes and the Gummerment

2 Dec

Matt Webb


If you were to ask me about my political leanings, I would probably make some non-committal noises and quickly start pointing out things in the surrounding area. “Isn’t that Michael Barrymore?” I’d ask while pointing to someone’s back 100 yards down the road.  “Look at that bird; I think it’s a kingfisher!”

My problem is that I am pretty much capable of simultaneously agreeing and disagreeing with everyone at all times. I believe that the country should be governed by someone that knows their business and is capable of doing the job to the benefit and satisfaction of the majority. In short, I’m a Liberal Democrat. I firmly believe that someone should be making some decisions, so long as it doesn’t have to be me (and when I do have to make decisions, the consequences can be dire.)

  Continue reading

Upshot of ageing: Things that terrified me as a teenager but don’t anymore.

1 Dec

Ellie Hutchinson

I am now 30, therefore a proper adult. Whilst this means the slow, gradual descent towards death and dementia, the upshot is I haven’t worried about the following for years:

Getting pregnant by looking at a man

When I was a teenager, More seemed to specialise in horror stories about girls getting pregnant after bathing/having a fumble/going swimming with a boy. These stories always made me anxious. For starters, I was definitely not having glamorous, grown up bath sex like all the other girls in the world, but mainly because getting pregnant was seen as THE WORST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN TO YOU. Continue reading