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We can slay it

18 May


From Legendary women

How would you like to show your Buffy pride with a totally cool shirt? If the answer is yes, click here for more information on how to enter Legendary Women’s Buffy month t-shirt raffle. All it takes is some shameless Legendary Women promotion and a love for kicking ass.


Let’s just pretend we’ve not been away for 3 months

18 May

Here’s a blog about point horror to say sorry

YES: Failure is an option

2 Feb

Pussy riot: Feminist punks take on Putin

2 Feb

“We are united by feminism, opposition to Putin’s regime and his vertical of power, antiauthoritarianism and leftist ideas,” Pussy Riot said. Can I join?

Yes! CEDAW the superhero

31 Jan

That is all

15 Dec

Via Sociological Images

YES: Roller derby haka

11 Dec


YES: play me a tape

1 Dec

YES: November 30th Strikes

29 Nov

YES: Feminist Ryan Gosling

14 Oct


Check it. Feminist Ryan Gosling.